At CISCO – GITEX, we showcased our latest technology solutions visually, stunningly, and interactively. The centerpiece of our booth was a 4-pillar LED wall capable of displaying dynamic and immersive content. The pillars were also flexible, allowing us to create different shapes and patterns.

In addition to the LED wall, we also featured a LED sphere with vertical motion, 6 transparent P3.9 LED screens, a 55-inch tangible table with a grand show (LED pillars & globe), a 37-screen client presentation, and a touch-and-throw net.

These technologies were used to create a variety of interactive experiences for visitors. For example, they could use the tangible table to control the LED pillars and globe or the touch-and-throw screen to play games and interact with content.

The CISCO-GITEX project was a great success, generating a lot of excitement and interest from visitors. It was a great way to showcase our innovative technology solutions and our commitment to customer satisfaction.