Elm is a leading digital transformation company in Saudi Arabia. They are participating in the LEAP 2023 conference as a diamond sponsor. Elm will be showcasing their latest technologies at the conference, including:

A kinetic ceiling that can be programmed to display different patterns and images.

A holocube with an air touch controller that allows users to interact with holograms.

24-inch touchscreens that can be used to control presentations or play games.

A 22-inch round screen can be used for video conferencing or displaying information.

A 5-meter sliding screen with a Surface Pro controller can be used for presentations or as a whiteboard.

A robot café that can serve coffee and snacks to attendees.

In addition to these technologies, Elm will offer a business solution called PROJECT: LEAP-ELM. This solution includes two OLED screens, five 55-inch interactive screens, and LED mesh screens.

The answer can be used to create a variety of interactive displays, such as virtual trade shows, product demonstrations, and educational exhibits.