Tawal Cityscape 2023

At Cityscape 2023, we exhibited a variety of cutting-edge technological solutions for Tawal stand in the Falcon exhibition and convention center venue. 

The Tawal stand was designed to showcase the potential of these technologies to improve the way we interact with information and each other. The holocube, for example, could be used to create virtual tours of real-world places or to visualize complex data sets. 

The tangible table could be used for collaborative learning or to create interactive games. The LED wall could be used to display news, weather, or other information in a visually appealing way. And the interactive touch screens could be used to control devices, play games, or access information.

Tawa’sl stand was a successful demonstration of the power of technology to improve our lives. It showed how these technologies can be used to create engaging and interactive experiences that can inform, educate, and entertain. 

Tawal’s stand is a sign of things to come, as more and more businesses and organizations adopt these technologies to improve the way they communicate and interact with their customers and employees.