The International Saudi Falcons and Hunting Exhibition

The International Saudi Falcons and Hunting Exhibition, held in August 2022, brilliantly fused tradition with state-of-the-art technology. Serotonin Technology, a key player, significantly enhanced the event with an array of innovative solutions. The exhibition’s primary aim was to present an extensive collection of falcons, hunting gear, and weaponry. Serotonin’s impactful contributions included interactive projection mapping, showcasing 37 falcon textures on a 3D model, and the Falcon Hoods 360,
offering an augmented reality experience on tablet technology for 3D content rotation on physical falcon models. The Falcon Hunting Simulation provided a cutting-edge 3D augmented reality experience simulating a falcon hunting expedition.
Additionally, exhibits like Falcon Future and Technology, interactive OLED transparent walls, and an interactive globe with a curved screen delved into the rich history of global falconry. Serotonin’s innovations extended to immersive experiences like a Selfie with Falcons, Falcon Anatomy
Augmented Reality, and an interactive pyramid hologram for children to customize virtual birds. The inclusive representation of women in falconry through synchronized screens, dynamic wall experiences added further dynamism to the event. In essence, Serotonin Technology’s multifaceted contributions seamlessly integrated tradition and innovation, shaping the evolving landscape of falconry showcased at the International Saudi Falcons and Hunting Exhibition.