Modon Cityscape 2023

During Cityscape 2023, we displayed an impressive array of advanced technological solutions for Modon stand. The showcased technologies included transparent OLED screens, interactive touch screens, and curved LED screens.

Our puroses was to highlight the immense potential of these technologies in revolutionizing our interactions with information and one another. The transparent OLED screens, for instance, offered possibilities for augmented reality experiences and visually captivating information displays.

The interactive touch screens were designed for collaborative learning and interactive gaming experiences. As for the curved LED screens, they provided an immersive and captivating platform for showcasing large-scale images and videos.

Modon’s stand served as a successful demonstration of how technology can enhance our lives. It effectively showcased how these innovative solutions can create engaging and interactive experiences that inform, educate, and entertain.

Moreover, Modon’s stand was a glimpse into the future, as more businesses and organizations are expected to embrace these technologies to enhance their communication and interaction with customers and employees.