Sliding Screen

Introducing the Sliding LED Screen with X-ray scanning effect – a revolutionary technology that transports users to a futuristic world. This cutting-edge innovation combines advanced LED screen technology with X-ray scanning capabilities, delivering an immersive visual experience that blurs reality and fantasy.

Controlled by a tablet, the Sliding LED Screen glides effortlessly along a rail, projecting dynamic images that transport users to a different realm. The X-ray scanning effect adds intrigue, offering a futuristic view of the world behind the screen.

This captivating technology is perfect for exhibitions and events in the UAE, where visual impact is crucial. With its mesmerizing effects, the Sliding LED Screen creates unforgettable experiences that leave a lasting impression on viewers, adding a touch of science fiction to any display.

Witness the limitless possibilities of technology with the Sliding LED Screen with X-ray scanning effect. Embrace the future with this advanced LED screen technology, exploring exciting new worlds and pushing the boundaries of visual storytelling.