Hail Cityscape 2023 During Cityscape 2023, we showcased a diverse range of cutting-edge technological solutions for Hail stand. Hail’s stand featured an awe-inspiring mesh screens infinity room, creating an immersive environment that captivated visitors and provided a unique visual experience. The interactive touch and throw technology allowed users to engage with digital content through touch […]


Modon Cityscape 2023 During Cityscape 2023, we displayed an impressive array of advanced technological solutions for Modon stand. The showcased technologies included transparent OLED screens, interactive touch screens, and curved LED screens. Our puroses was to highlight the immense potential of these technologies in revolutionizing our interactions with information and one another. The transparent OLED […]


Tawal Cityscape 2023 At Cityscape 2023, we exhibited a variety of cutting-edge technological solutions for Tawal stand in the Falcon exhibition and convention center venue.  The Tawal stand was designed to showcase the potential of these technologies to improve the way we interact with information and each other. The holocube, for example, could be used […]

Tangible Table

Tangible Table An interactive touch-sensitive table is a device that allows users to engage with digital content in a tactile and intuitive way. The device has a touch-sensitive surface that can detect when an object or tag is placed on it, triggering the display of relevant content on the screen. The content can take many […]

Robotic Globe

Robotic Globe The Robotic LED Globe, also known as the Robotic LED sphere display or Robotic LED ball, is a motorized sphere that is made up of several LED screens, which can display videos and animations. The individual screens are mounted on motors that allow them to move and extrude from the surface of the […]

Projection Mapping

Projection Mapping 3D projection mapping is a technique used in events and exhibitions to create stunning visual displays that transform physical objects or spaces into dynamic, immersive experiences. Using specialized software, a 3D model of the object or space is created, and then projected onto the surface using multiple projectors from different angles, creating a […]


3D HoloPyramid A holographic pyramid display, also known as a 3D hologram projector, is a glass pyramid-shaped device that can project holographic content within its interior. This amazing technology creates a three-dimensional illusion that appears to be floating in mid-air, making it perfect for displaying product demos, showcasing art, or providing interactive educational content. With […]

Automated RoboCafe

Automated RoboCafe The RoboCafe, also known as the robotic coffee maker, robotic barista, or robotic coffee station, is a cutting edge technology that utilizes a robotic arm to create customized cups of coffee. With its state of the art design and advanced features, the RoboCafe is sure to attract attention and generate interest from attendees. […]

Mesh Screens

Mesh Screens An LED mesh screen is a type of mesh screen that is specifically designed for displaying images, videos, or other visual content using LEDs. The mesh screen is made up of a series of LED modules that are interlocked to create a scalable display surface. LED mesh displays are commonly used in outdoor […]

Interactive Round Screen

Interactive Round Screen An interactive round screen is a display technology that features a circular shaped screen that can be used to display a range of content, including images, videos, and text. The screen is designed to be interactive, allowing users to interact with the content using a variety of input methods, such as touch, […]